We love our little studio - but don't just take our word for it! Our yogis and yoginis have a lot to say…

"The energy of this place is amazing. It isn't just about yoga - it's about finding yourself through movement and breath - living your best life in a fun non-judgemental environment." - Cyndi

"Awesome classes! Viva Flow is a smaller studio with personalized attention to every student. Great, nurturing vibes from the minute you enter until long after you leave. A safe, special place with knowledgeable instructors and a wide range of students at every level of the yoga journey. Carla, the founder of Viva Flow Yoga, emits love and light, as do all the staff at the studio. Come start your yoga journey or continue on your centering path at Viva Flow Yoga. You are worth it!" - Debra

"Love Love LOVE Viva Flow Yoga! The studio is intimate, the yoga is amazing and Carla is so awesome and inspiring!" - Ellie

"Carla, the owner, is wonderful! I love how she teaches (is that the right word?), and I always find myself improving my yoga every time I go.

I've ended some sessions so completely relaxed and satisfied that all I want to do is sleep right there! They have mats, blocks, and belts, so you

have everything you need for a session. Carla also has tea and water out, and I usually drink the tea after class. I don't know why, but it is such a

fitting end to a session. I don't know what the other yoga classes are like because I only like hot yoga." - George

"I went there this morning for a gentle yoga class. I am a beginner and this class was perfect for beginners! Carla did a great job at making me feel like I was in the right place and she seemed excited to teach me. The studio is small, but I loved how intimate it felt. I would highly suggest this studio to everyone. She has many classes for all levels too! She has all the equipment you need. Love love love!" - Larissa