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Roll & Release: The Art of Myofascia Yin Yoga


Fascia is a thin mesh-like collagen that lies around every muscle fiber, muscle bundle, our bones, and our organs and attaches our skin to the muscles below. It's connects us literally from our heads to our toes.

Fascia tightens when we are sedentary and creates blocks for energy to move. (ie...every night when we sleep, working at a desk, protecting an injured body part). It also stores many of our our hips, shoulders, and other joints. When there's a traumatic injury to our body..the fascia tightens up to protect and sometimes can displace that energy to another body part.

The more we move, stretch and open our body...the better hydrated the fascia is and allows your muscles to glide more freely, your organs to move and function properly and to allow our energy to flow appropriately through our body.

In MYOFASCIAL Yin Yoga, we start with slow dynamic movement to warm up and then transition to the mat using blocks, bolsters and TENNIS BALLS to lie or roll on. You can use them pretty much over the whole body!

The time, the pressure, focusing on the breath, relaxing all muscles and calming the body and being fully supported gives the fascia an opportunity to open up (melt) and the muscles to release tension.

Consider it like a deep tissue massage...that you can give yourself! This is a beautiful practice, something we can all use to help in a stress filled, go-go-go give ourselves the opportunity to be still, tune in to ourselves, release tension/emotions, and allow our bodies to be more supple and adept at handling the stresses we place on it.

Absolutely no skill or previous experience is needed and is perfect for everyone...EVERYONE.

The coolest thing about this, as you learn the can practice these at home, at the office, traveling...anywhere. You can take 5 min or 3 hours...regardless, your body and soul with thank you! The benefits are immense!

Led By: Jen MacNiven
Cost: $45

About the teacher:

Jennifer MacNiven (Jen) is a world traveling photographer, yoga instructor, a former triathlete and is passionate about health, wellness and mindful living. Jen has her Master's degree in Physical Therapy and worked in the Medical Device industry supporting Neurological Rehabilitation for over 12 years. Jen has been drawn to a path of personal and professional evolution taking her to Bali, India, Peru, Turkey, Australia, and Europe. In 2013 she moved from Seattle, Washington to Bali and dove into a deep personal practice and teachings of Vinyasa and Yin Fascial yoga …with over 700 YTT hours. She now teaches a complete methodology of dynamic spiral and Yin Fascial Yoga, along with Myofacial Release Therapy (massage), mindfulness and meditation with a principle focus on physical and emotional wellness.