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Camp Souldust 2017

Summer camp + soul work = magic.

Imagine yourself on a floating dock in the middle of a lake looking up at the sky as dusk fades away to reveal the stars. You’re tired…but a good kind of tired, where you have expended energy refreshing your soul with laughter, physical movement, new friends and a deeper understanding of your own personal magic. Welcome to Camp Souldust.

::::::: Making space for joy ::::::: 

Camp Souldust is where the simplicity of the summer camp meets a world of soulful exploration. You’ll become part of a tribe of vibrant, glorious, curious souls united in an analog, magic-infused experience complete with cabins, camp counselors and s’mores. We’ll make space to help you unearth your soul’s calling right under the forest canopy.

::::::: A world apart, close to home ::::::: 

Camp Souldust is held at a comfortable, authentic, and rustic summer camp tucked into the woods on the shores of the Puget Sound, just an hour from Seattle. Our 4 day, 3 night camp will combine the abandoned joy of traditional summer camp goodness with exploration of subjects like chakras, spiritual yoga, breathwork, animal totems and so much more.

::::::: Your registration for Camp Souldust includes ::::::: 

* Shared cabin accommodations* for three nights
* 9 delicious meals + snacks every day
* A camp care package, with goodies both practical and magical
* Daily yoga or movement practice
* Inspirational all-camp keynotes
* Up to 7 expert workshops on subjects both playful and soulful
* Daily evening campfire gatherings with the entire Camp posse
* Full run of camp amenities - we have it to ourselves!
* Access to optional private sessions
* A priceless opportunity for connection and relaxation with Mama Earth, other beautiful humans and, most importantly, yourself.

Pricing is in tiers, starting at $555 for the first 55 campers, register early with just a $100 deposit to claim the best price!

**Carla Lundgren, owner of Viva Flow Yoga,  will be teaching yoga and acting as a cabin counselor at this magical event!  Wanna bunk with your yoga teacher?  Request to be in her cabin (aka Team Honey Badgers) when you register.