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Chakra Camp

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Let’s face it, we’re each a beautiful mess doing the best we can. The day-to-day is going to ebb and flow, but it’s never going to stop moving. So even if you are feeling Zen awesome one day, the next day could be filled with rough moments that send you into a tailspin. Maybe yesterday you had a relationship issue “break” your heart chakra. Maybe today you felt unsafe speaking your opinions at work, putting a chokehold on your throat chakra. Recalibrating and balancing is an ongoing journey.

This is why it is so valuable to understand each chakra and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely – call it an energetic tune-up.  Each chakra is made up of light and shadow elements that must be balanced to ensure a healthy mind, body and sense of Self.  When you learn how to balance your chakras, you will experience a clearer mind, more energy, sharper intuition and an amazing feeling of flow in your life.

Chakra Camp is about unraveling the mystery and discovering this radiant internal source of power and healing that we all possess. Together, we will explore the interconnectedness of this energy with our senses, emotions and physical well-being. Under the trees and stars, we will play with yoga, meditation, sensory experiences, and intuitive art as pathways to a better relationship with our energy system, as well as its natural connection to our energetic oneness with each other and the earth.

Led By: Carla Lundgren, E-RYT 200 & Rachel Ford, Souldust founder
Location: NatureBridge at Lake Cresent, WA

Later Event: April 24
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