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Restore & Explore

Thai Yoga Massage. Restorative Yoga. Deep Relaxation. Grounding Breath Work. Aromatherapy. Clear Intentions. Energetic Healing.

Using the ancient energy based healing system of Thai Yoga Massage, Earl will guide you through a restorative movement sequence to enhance the relaxation experience.  With Earl’s hands on healing treatment techniques, you will begin to feel a deep release of tension which will allow you to connect and explore your true nature…loving, peaceful & present. 

Thai Yoga Massage is a technique of slow rhythmic compressions and stretches.  While resting in fully supported poses, Earl will gently guide your muscles to a more passive state so that you may explore your intentions within your practice.  Different from traditional Western massage, Thai Yoga Massage is oil free and experienced fully clothed. 

This is a special event with a very special guest.  Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the talents and healing hands of Earl Beadle.

Earl’s specialty is working with the body’s energy lines in a way that redistributes and unblocks any impeded energy flow.  His techniques create a healthy, balanced and more complete YOU!

Earl’s passion for yoga is rooted in finding different ways to move and flow, taking his body and his students into new directions, exploring movements and sequences that are safe, open and connected. Using the breath as a guide, Earl will slow things down to take everything in, listening intrinsically to what is needed during the practice. 

Fostering a deep connection to nature, Earl is grounded in his practice and teachings, with the belief that the practice of yoga, movement, dance, meditation, Thai Yoga Massage and restorative techniques, all fall hand in hand with the living relationship of having a connection to nature.

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Sign up today!  Only 10 lucky people will get to experience this lovin’.