Carla Jean Lundgren, E-RYT 200, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher & Owner/Manager

Born in Cali and moved around a lot as a kiddo due to the Navy. Landed in Bremerton when I was ten and have called the Pacific Northwest my home ever since. Raising one amazing teenage boy who makes me smile just for being part of my world. My favorite cuddle partner is my beagle, Rocco The Dog, and laughing until tears run down my face is my favorite kind of high. 

200 hr Teacher Training with Frog Lotus International
Off The Mat Leadership Training, Austin, TX
Off The Mat Advanced Leadership Training, Ojai, CA
Off The Mat Empowered Youth Initiative Training, Oakland, CA
Street Yoga Teacher Training, Seattle, WA
Mind Body Resources for At Risk Youth (Yoga ed.) Portland, OR
200 hr Teacher Training with Blooming Lotus Yoga, Bali

Most Memorable Teaching Moment
Assisting James Fox from the Prison Yoga Project in a yoga class at San Quentin prison with twenty military vets serving life sentences. 

Why I Teach
I struggled with weight issues, anxiety and depression for years before I finally found yoga. For me, yoga is a form of medicine.  I teach from a place of healing and compassion.  I teach to offer resources and tools to individuals who are searching for healing, connection, wholeness, peace, strength, flexibility, contentment and self-confidence. I teach to better understand my True Self and to give back as a gesture of gratitude for all of the blessings I have received.  I specialize in techniques for self-regulation, self-care and therapeutic healing. 


Barbara Rodgers, RYT 200 & Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Born in Portland, Oregon and grew up and lived predominantly in the Pacific Northwest. I arrived in Bremerton in 2009 to be near family and love, and to return to school at the Evergreen State College, Tacoma, where I spent a year writing. I live now on the edges of Bremerton in the Kitsap Lake neighborhood with my partner in crime, Eric, my sweet dog, Ruby, and Nikita, the elusive feline.  

I have worked in arts administration, human resources, and am currently working, along with teaching yoga, at Olympic College as a Human Resources Specialist. Yoga directly teaches and assists me in bringing compassion, presence, and balance to every part of my life.

200 hr. Teacher Training with Conscious Community Yoga
Currently 300 hr. Teacher Training with Seattle Yoga Arts, Seattle, WA

Most Memorable Teaching Moment
I am constantly inspired and humbled when teaching and practicing yoga.

Why I Teach
I find yoga and teaching yoga to be incredibly creative and healing. To be present on one’s mat, to create oneself through movement and stillness, there is nothing more uniquely inspiring than the practice and action of yoga.


Sarah Nolan, RYT 200

Born and raised in Bellingham, WA in a true hippie family. I took Belly Dancing as my after school activity until I was 16. I am a 'Greener", attending The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Lived in Seattle in the 90's. Joined the Peace Corps and moved to Thailand to teach English. Lived in Austin for a while before coming back to WA to settle into a tiny lil house by the sea in Manette. Mama to two amazingly handsome kittens; Bubbles and Dio. I love dancing, reading, traveling and Yoga.
Teacher. Master's degree in Education. Currently the Coordinator of the English Language Development program for Central Kitsap School District. 13 years.  Next step: Sirens Guest House/Yoga Retreat in Bang Saphan Yai, Thailand.
200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Blooming Lotus Yoga School, Koh Phangan, Thailand
Why I Teach
Teaching is my natural state of being. Yoga helps me connect with my True Nature, and I hope to help others connect with theirs.

Geraldine Violet, RYT 200

Born in Argentina. Her family moved back and forth from South to Central America while growing up. Traveling, and living in different places, and learning about different cultures eventually became a way of life for Geraldine. She moved to the US in 2008. And has been living in Washington since late 2012.  

Violet started her yoga practice nearly two decades ago. She studied movement as a full time dancer for years before yoga came into her life. The connection with yoga was an immediate one, a natural progression that blossomed into a long time companion.

Her deeper exploration of asana studies led her to become a 200-hr certified instructor.

She enjoys mixing elements from other disciplines into yoga. Her intention is to create an open space for people to feel comfortable and connect breath, body, and mind. Geraldine wishes to share the benefits she has learned over the years, so people can feel balanced, strong, and present.

200-hr RYT with 8 Limbs Yoga Center, Seattle , WA

Why I Teach
There was no escaping it. As a long time practitioner, it kept coming back to me. I thought I would be a perpetual student, but I eventually listened to my inner voice, and transitioned into teaching.  I still take the student seat at any available chance. Practice changes constantly, and I like to remain open to learning something new every time I touch the mat.

Terrish Bilbrey, RYT 200

I'm a country girl from Tennessee who has traveled the world for the past 19 years with the Navy. Yoga has been such a gift, it has given me balance and softened my intensity. I love reading, gardening, riding my bike & being near the salt water. My love Reggie and I are happy to call Bremerton home.

For the past 5 years, Terrish has enjoyed sharing yoga with Navy Sailors and is happy to be wrapping up her 20 year career. I am looking forward to enjoying the next chapter in life where there is space to recreate/re-discover myself and fill my world with all things nourishing and supportive - like yoga! 

Why I teach:
I want others to feel the peace, love, and confidence yoga has brought to my life.

200hr Power Vinyasa w/ Yax Yoga Concepts in Southern Pines, NC
30 hr Hot Yoga Training w/Yax Yoga Concepts in Southern Pines, NC
100hr w/ Conscious Community Yoga in Bremerton, WA
200hr Vinyasa w/ Indie Yoga in San Diego, CA

Favorite Teaching moment: Anytime I teach Military members on ships & bases who otherwise may never think of walking into a yoga studio or being exposed to yoga.

Kenna Cox, RYT-200

Born and raised in the beautiful state of Idaho, my love for the outdoors is a given. I'm passionate about yoga, photography, healthy living, and learning about cultures & languages through travel. After three months living in Shanghai studying Chinese and over a month in India studying yoga, I moved to Bremerton with my college sweetheart at the dawn of 2016. I'm thrilled to have found such a wonderful yoga community to take part in and contribute to. Viva Flow offers a safe and sacred space to all who enter. 

In addition to teaching yoga and snapping photos, I work as the executive assistant and office coordinator at CRG Events in Seattle. I strive to bring yogic philosophy, mindfulness, and stress-relief practices to the corporate world! 

I earned my RYT 200 hour certification from Ajarya Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India. Rishikesh is considered the world seat of yoga and yogis from around the globe travel there to further their studies and experience the immense peace that abounds. My studies focused on Hatha and Ashtanga yoga with an emphasis in Patanjali's 8 limbs. My outstanding teachers continue to provide me with a wealth of knowledge and support. I consider myself a lifelong student of yoga and hope to specialize in yoga therapy. 

You can learn more about my training program here: 

I teach because I strongly believe in the benefits of practice. I feel compelled to spread the healing and peace of yoga to as many people as possible. Yoga is for everyone! 

Aly Anderson, RYT-200

Lived all over the country in my youth and arrived on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in 1999. Married to the amazing man I met that same year, Nick.  Mama to two spirited little ones, Aria  and Porter; and two googly-eyed pugs, Hank and Moose.  I enjoy reading, spontaneous dance parties, and have a passion for gardening and all things nature. I’ve been practicing for over 10 years and am forever a student of Yoga.

200 RYT at Marianne Wells Yoga School, Cahuita, Costa Rica

Full time Mom and part time Caffeinator of the Masses, aka Barista.

Why I teach
For me it is all about love and personal empowerment.  I want the world to know, and have access to, the healing power of Yoga. When your passion collides with what the world needs, there you will find your purpose.

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